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FRIESEN Certification 9001:2008
FRIESEN Certification 9001:2008 140001

The Friesen 24-hour-service

The 24 hour service for starter and alternator is absolutely essential as well as for trucks and special machines as meanwhile for passenger cars as old-timers. Here damaged aggregates are accepted within the day, repaired and delivered back in a proper condition. A huge plus for our trading partners: the technical support for workshops has expanded and optimized for the customer needs.

Original Friesen Quality

Original Friesen exchange parts – this signifies remanufactured Units for almost every usage in 24 hours! Speed, reliability and perfectly technical know-how - for almost all type of starter and alternator of European, Japanese and Korean vehicle type. More than 98% of model coverage speaks for itself!

HOTLINE: 0049 3301 / 83 14 10

You deliver your repair part over night…
        …we still send it back on the next day!