Die Fachzeitschrift "Auto Auto" berichtet in einem informativen Firmenportät über Friesen

FRIESEN Certification 9001:2008
FRIESEN Certification 9001:2008 140001

Our quality seal – Your security

Uncompromising quality: The ISO certifications DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2004 are systematically converted in every production process and thus guarantees you premium quality by the specifications of the vehicle manufacturer. Not only the required components but also the workflow for the new unit completion is strictly determined and scheduled with detailed bill of material. The used components such as regulator, rectifier, carbon brushes and solenoid correspond 100% to the requirements of the original manufacturer.

Tested….and perceived as good!

Additional to the goods receipt inspection and the final check, every component will be examined after each stage of production. By these different examination processes, which also take place in the different workflow, it is guaranteed that the final product will meet the quality expectations of the customers.

Friesen Zertifizierung 9001 Friesen Zertifizierung 14001 Qualitätssigel Friesen